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In the shadows, of the mountain
Soaring tall above the world
Breathed life into existence
Cast origin of us all

Thick black, trapped upon this rock
Constant struggle for a chance to survive
Cast back, mindful of our past
Among the forces of creation, in view of the light

Yet I’m alone, astounded by the heavens
Eyes open to creation above
Among the chaos, a beauty’s paralyzed
Captured in space and time, for the years to unfold
An endless journey across the expanses
To be discovered by life from so far away
Our place in time, so wasteful and so deprived
Will be suspended amongst the stars

I look toward, a future devoid of life
Once evolved from our last common ancestor
Now left in silence

My eyes, look toward the tree
Roots deep, deep within the ground
As the fire consumes the life
I question where we went so wrong

Cell upon cell, fighting for it’s chance
Adding odds to the incalculable questions
Life or death, an end yet it all began
In death, lies the key to creation

I look toward, a future devoid of life
Once evolved from our last common ancestor
Now left in silence

A clashing force, burns above the gods
Fueling chaos into a life form
Born out of hellfire
Born from the stars
An age old process
Burning long before the age of man
Will end, cease from existence
With the gift of death and life

This marks the end, and beginning
Without death there would be no life on earth
Born out of fire, born out of fate
We return to live amongst the stars again

In all this chaos, we still ask as to why
We were sheltered here
Born from eternal darkness
Yet there’s no reason as to why
In life, we harvest more than
More greed than we require
An endless desire
To burn it all

This is our life
A chance
To live amongst the gods
With a seat to the greatest show on earth
Amidst the stars
Is a view
Into the past
Light suspended in the void of space and time

A child ignorant to the ways of man
A savior, god to all walks of the precious life
A child ignorant to the ways
Of greed, of lust, of all that makes us human


from Luca, released April 29, 2015



all rights reserved


Suodeth Derby, UK

Suodeth is a black, symphonic, melodic death metal project stemming from the UK. Combining extremes from death metal and black metal with an entourage of dense orchestrations and melodic elements.

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